About Us

Airsoft Asia is Singapore’s one-stop portal to your replica guns & accessories craze.

Here at Airsoft Asia, we believe that it is possible to provide goods of excellent quality at highly affordable prices. That is why we have ensured that all the goods here are heavy with quality but light on the pocket. We showcase a wide variety of goods to suit all your craze. Please take your time to browse through our catalogue, or you may wish to contact us if you have any queries; we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

While all guns showcased here are replicas and props, in other words fake toy guns, they are realistic enough to be film-worthy and remain arguably the most realistic in Singapore. Every aspect of the real weapon is painstakingly adapted to the replica, resulting in a product that doesn’t just look real, but feels real too.

Here at Airsoft Asia, we specialize in Replica Toy Guns, ranging from Modified Guns to Mock Rifles, as well as accompanying accessories ranging from Gun Handles to Laser Aiming Sites. You can also browse our range of Prop Guns, Mock-Up Guns, Toy Guns to suit your needs. Complete your weapon by customizing it according to your preference with laser scopes, tactical rail, red-dot scopes, mounts, aiming sights, butt stocks or even bi pods.

We also provide professional replica modification services conducted by trained craftsmen. Simply send us your replica and we will customize it according to your preferences. Alternatively, you can purchase a brand new set directly from our website. We strive to offer the best quotations for every enquiry.

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