Q : I’m looking for a Desert Eagle; does it use 6mm BBs?

A : No. There are only TOY guns in this website, which do not have any projectile or just fire foam darts.


Q : Can you please contact me at my number? I would like to make a purchase.

A : Please make all purchases at our web store.


Q : I ordered an M203 Rifle recently; when will it be delivered? or

Q : I recently made a payment for some orders; how long will it take for them to be delivered? or

Q : How long will it take for the orders to be delivered?

A : 2 to 3 days upon receipt of payment. We will email you on the exact date and time.


Q : Does the SAR 21 rifle include a Magazine and a Scope?

A : Yes.


Q : Why is it a toy when you sell Magazines and BB loader.

A : The Magazine ARE the BB loaders.


Q : Are the guns on sale capable of firing projectiles?

A : Some guns are capable of firing foam darts.


Q: Is it within the law to import the Desert Eagle Airsoft Gun into Singapore?

A : Please refer to the SPF Website for more details regarding the rules and regulations: http://www.spf.gov.sg/licence/frameset_AE.html.

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